Alkaline Water Experiences

Posted on Aug 7, 2012 in alkaline

Alkaline Water Experiences

Excerpts from Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi
Dr. Hayashi is a Heart Specialist and Director of Tokyo Water Institute

Some Of The Healing Benefits Of Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water


High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol

A woman in her forties under high stress was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was told she had abnormally high cholesterol levels. She began consuming one and a half quarts a day of alkaline water. After a few weeks, both her cholesterol and blood pressure were lowered; and as an added benefit, her stomach began to feel much better.


A teenager with severe acne began drinking the water and after three months, the condition was cleared up. He consumed two quarts a day of  alkaline water.

Weight Loss – Prescription Drugs

A man worried about the effect of the prescription drugs he was taking for overweight began consuming two quarts a day. After six months, he had thrown away his drugs, and had lost over thirty pounds.


In California, a man had been suffering from super acidity for many years, and after eating a meal would unpredictably vomit. He began consuming six glasses of the alkaline water per day. Within a week his acidity ended; he also lost fifteen pounds in three months, and discovered a dramatic rate of increase in his ability to heal small ailments, like cuts and bruises.


A woman had suffered constipation for thirty years, and began drinking the water on a regular basis, and completely rid herself of this condition. She had also lacked an appetite for years, but has now developed a healthy one.


One man, who likes to consume alcohol moderately, noticed when he began consuming the water on a regular basis that he quit suffering hangovers, and the drowsiness he regularly experienced had left him.

Stomach Aches & Pains

A female athlete in her twenties began consuming the water for a stomach condition; she felt an increase in her general energy level, and after a day of strenuous training, found that the alkaline water minimized the aches and pains she had always previously experienced.


For years, a woman had suffered ulcers, and was feeling nauseous from her medication; a regular consumption of the water allowed her to cease her medication and the ulcer to go away.
One could go on and on with these stories, and there are many more, but what we suggest you do is simply try the water yourself.

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