Enagic Gold Standard

The Best Ionizer in the World

Enagic Gold Standard

By integrating the latest scientific research and superior Japanese craftsmanship with nature’s most vital resource to life, Enagic has pioneered the way of continuous Kangen Water® generating systems. Since 1974, Enagic has specialized in providing in-home, alkaline water ionization technologies.


Enagic Awards & Documented Recognition


Enagic is O.E.M. Company in Japan (Original Equipment Manufacturer):

All steps of the manufacturing process are performed in the Enagic factory; production of parts and packaging to assembly, testing, inspection and final packaging. The complete in-house production ensures a high-quality product.

Enagic Corporation Quality Control System

Entrusted with the highest responsibility and deepest trust to create ultimate quality products!


Filter Manufacturing Department

Follow the creation of a cartridge; all activities and operations related to the manufacturing of the water purification filters are carried out in this factory.


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