Dr. Keijiro Kuwabara, Japanese people have used alkaline water for successful treatment of diabetes in the hospital. He reports that 49 employees are covered by company doctors diagnose disease concluded that employees with diabetes of the elderly and life depend on insulin. After alkaline water for a month, his blood sugar has dropped from 300mg/dl to previous normal levels. The adult disease of diabetes is called insulin independent diabetes mellitus. It usually affects people over the age of 40. People who have this ailment usually eat too much and are overweight. Age is a factor here, because the efficiency of the pancreas decreases as we grow older. A shortage of calcium ions in the body impairs the production and release of the insulin hormone. That can lead to an acidic blood condition. Clogged blood vessels caused by excess protein buildup also impair pancreatic function. Alkaline water, by supplying calcium in an ionized form, and by preventing excess protein buildup, can help this condition. The Japanese have been successfully clinically treating diabetes with alkaline...

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