Water facts

Posted on Jul 18, 2012 in TAP WATER

Water facts
  • 1.1 billion people lack access to an improved water supply – approximately one in six people on earth.
  • 2.6 billion people in the world lack access to improved sanitation.
  • Less than 1% of the world’s fresh water (or about 0.007% of all water on earth) is readily accessible for direct human use.
  • A person can live weeks without food, but only days without water.
  • A person needs 4 to 5 gallons of water per day to survive.
  • The average American individual uses 100 to 176 gallons of water at home each day.
  •  The average African family uses about 5 gallons of water each day.
  • Millions of women and children spend several hours a day collecting water from distant, often-polluted sources.
  • Water systems fail at a rate of 50% or higher.
  • Every $1 spent on water and sanitation creates on average another $8 in costs averted and productivity gained.
  • Almost two in three people lacking access to clean water live on less $2 a day.
  • Poor people living in the slums often pay 5-10 times more for per liter of water than wealthy people living in the same city.

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